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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Zombie Apocalypse

Get Moving you Zombies
Now this is creepy and fun at the same time. Our partner, Strategic Operations, is working with Halo Corporation to stage a training event in San Diego during the last week of October for the military. The event is called The Anti Terrorism Summit and promises to be extraordinarily entertaining.

Strategic Operations is an off shoot of a Hollywood production company who specializes in "hyper realistic" training. They use actors, pyrotechnics, realistic looking buildings, and a range of cinematic techniques to create real sounding, real feeling, and real smelling (yes that too) training. They can simulate almost any situation that you can imagine.

For the last week of October a few thousand people will descend on Paradise Island in the middle of San Diego's Mission Bay. On the island, Halo, with the help of Strategic Operations will be creating a number of different exercises, including hostage rescues, fire fights and Zombie Apocalypse.

See a video about Strategic Operations
Part of the training is full assessment, critique and feedback to the participants on how they perform. This particular exercise will go a little further by providing live streaming feeds from cameras around and on exercise participants. The video streams will be displayed on large screen monitors for a crowd of observers in the grand stands.

HauteSpot Networks is providing to Strategic Operations our microNVRs, together with battery packs, HD Cameras, and a wireless base station. A few lucky participants will get to wear the microNVR in a web belt ammo pack. A small camera will be mounted on their helmet with a band strap, and a thin cord will run from the camera down to the microNVR. HauteSpot's MVE software will store the video on the microNVR at full frame rate and full resolution (1080p@25fps). It will then transmit the video using the microNVR's integrated OFDM radio to a HauteWRAPSX+ MIMO base station "receiver".

This use of the microNVR will allow for live viewing of the action from a first person Point of View (POV) while simultaneously recording everything on the internal SSD drive. Since the microNVR is only 8 watts and runs on 12VDC, we can easily power it from a small battery system for over 8 hours. Light weight, shock and vibration resistant, small, and yet able to store 120GB of video on the SSD and and additional 32GB on the MiniSD card.

HauteSpot powered GER eWRAP
at Baltimore Grand Prix 2012
In these kinds of exercises, as we have learned from our participation in such events as the FEMA National Level Exercise, Operation Capital Shield, and the Baltimore Grand Prix, there is a lot of RF noise and you can't always count on the wireless connections being 100%. With the microNVR, while we are striving to have always connected wireless, if it does go out for a second or two, the integrated storage will keep a record of everything that happens. All this at a fraction of the cost of traditional COFDM based wireless systems.

We think that applications that are similar to The Anti Terrorism Summit include other training events, television production, community policing, guard services, and much more. One idea would be to take this a step further and tunnel the connection over VPN so that the wireless connection could roam between WiFi access points and to and from 3G or 4G cellular. Then the wearer could go almost anywhere, use lower cost, higher bandwidth WiFi when available, and cellular where not.

Anyway, I think we are ready for the Zombies. This Halloween promises to be very interesting. If you are in San Diego on October 31, check out the Ghouls.

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