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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Awesome Day at ISC West

I am completely exhausted. Today was one of the busiest first days of any trade show we have been to. In our booth we had hundreds of visitors checking out Mobile Video Vault, MVE and HD Witness.

Getting set up before the show
The demonstration network that we set up with a wireless 5GHz link to the Network Optix booth and a wireless 3.65GHz link to the Veracity booth both were up and working flawlessly throughout the entire show. As some of you may know, getting any wireless to work on a trade show floor at all is a challenge. We were achieving full data rates and throughput. This was achieved by running our TDMA like protocol and our frequency flexibility.

Kelvin Chung from SentinelAVE did a great job of configuring the microNVRs and Mobile Video Edge application to use Clear WiMAX to keep a rock solid wireless connection to Los Angeles. Throughout the entire day we ran live demos from our video server in Los Angeles over 4G without any hiccups. Customers were able to view live and recorded video from Los Angeles at high resolution and high frame rate.

Bob doing some last minute futzing
After almost being knocked out by a monitor that fell off it's mount, Mark Armstrong of SoleraTec set up Mobile Video Vault microNVR running in our booth and sending archive video every 5 minutes to the Veracity Coldstore server in the Veracity booth over wireless. This too ran well throughout the entire day.

We had no time to go look around the show floor, but judging from the comments from the crowd, we had the coolest new product offerings at the show.

The final show booth result
Also, Mike, Max and Aaron did an outstanding job of manning the booth and engaging with customers. They were able to answer most of the questions customers raised, and let myself and Wes handle the more complex questions. The level of professionalism of our staff is something I am very proud of and I know our customers appreciate.

Two more days to go. If you are in Vegas, come by and see us. Booth 9139, way in the back...near the food concession.

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