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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Headed to ASIS

Today I am headed to the ASIS Conference in Orlando. In fact, I am at LAX waiting for my flight out as I write this. Business has been so busy this month and is forecasted to stay that way through the end of the month, that we really have had little time to prepare for this show.

On Thursday I was in LA working on formulating a RFP response for the LAPD Digital In-Car Video System. We have pulled together a great team of collaborators and expect to have an exciting, innovative, all IP solution for this project. As this project develops I will share what I can on the blog.

On Thursday afternoon I stopped in to see our team at SentinelAVE, our partner in developing 3D Live Video streaming. We have made great progress towards developing a new technical capability that will truly change the nature of remote video surveillance, particularly from mobile cameras. The team at Sentinel is amazing and they have added so many new features and made significant progress on our joint project. When we show you what we have built, you will be amazed.

Illuminar New IR Illuminator
Friday night I opened up two new microNVR systems, installed the latest versions of Exacq (4.7.11), ClearPix, and made sure all of the drivers, etc were current. Packed them in a box and stuck them in my suitcase, along with a ClearPix 180 camera, an Arecont AV8180 camera and an Arecont 1315 camera. Our plan is to set up one system at the Illiminar Booth 3610 with one of more of the cameras that we are bringing along, and to set up a second system in the Basler Booth 3253 using some of their cameras. Since we are arriving at the last minute, this is a good test of portability, configurability, and ease of use.

If you are in town for the ASIS show, please stop by either of the booths or give us a call so we can meet you.

On Wednesday I will be participating in the IPVideoMarket Info discussion that John Honovich is arranging in Orlando. This is the first time John has pulled together a meeting of industry folks to have a candid discussion about the surveillance market, trends, new products, etc. I am really looking forward to this innovative meeting and am expecting great things. I think the event is sold out, but you can check with John.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Global Emergency Resources at the Baltimore Grand Prix

First there was Hurricane Irene, and Global Emergency Resources (GER) and HauteSpot assisted first responders with evacuations by providing HC Standard patient tracking and the eWRAP mobile communications platform. "The systems just flat out work."

Baltimore Grand Prix Debuts With Muscle
Then came last week's Baltimore Grand Prix. GER deployed 6 eWRAPs along the race course. They powered them on at 7am on Friday morning and powered them off at 6pm on Sunday night. During the course of the event over 150 people received medical treatment and had their status tracked using HC Standard and the eWRAP. "Total success."

The story in the Baltimore Sun tells all about the event.  Suffice to say we were happy with the performance, particularly given the challenges of RF noise, changing reflection, heat and moisture. The eWRAP was a real trooper.

Havre de Grace Citizen’s Care Nursing Home Evacuated
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by Adam Rybczynski

And now, over the past 3 days, Harford County MD had tremendous flooding, and GER was on the job again, with HC Standard and the eWRAP helping track the evacuation of 158 senior citizens from threatened nursing homes. Again, "everyone was ecstatic about the systems."

Over the past month, we have hundreds of hours of actual powered on use of the eWRAP and HC Standard in real disasters, with real lives at risk and real success.

We did learn a few things that we are now cooking into the eWRAP and HC Standard system. One of the most critical functions we added recently is central network health monitoring. Using a highly redundant  hosted server provider, we set up our HauteSpot Network Manager (HSNM) which monitors proactively every eWRAP system. We watch all facets of the system including CPU, IO, service status, connect time and more. Each eWRAP pushes log events to the HSNM server so we have a running record of all events on every device, so if there is a failure, we have a history to review.

HSNM also monitors each device by polling. Every eWRAP registers with the HSNM server and we have it's dynamic IP address being pushed, so we know when we last heard from each unit and what its condition was.

The next step for monitoring is to add carrier monitoring such as Verizon, ATT and Sprint, so we can get even more detail about system status.

We also ran some burn in tests. Connectivity Solutions Inc. in Sterling VA is our partner who builds the eWRAP into a rapid deployment kit. With the batteries that they provided in the kit, the eWRAP will run for 2 days (48 hours), without a recharge.

We also have been load testing the eWRAP with connections for hand held WiFi devices such as PDA, netbooks and the like. We have had over 100 active connections without any issues.

The eWRAP is a light weight, easy to deploy, weather proof, self contained communication platform. Just carry it to the scene, turn is on, and you are up.

With every incident we are improving the system performance, reliability, and management. The eWRAP is already the most reliable, most flexible, and easy to use communications platform there is.