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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Saving Lives with GER and the eWRAP

Seniors in the path of Irene being evacuated,
like those helped by GER.
(Winston-Salem Journal)
Yesterday morning I received a phone call from a very tired Stan Kuzia, the CEO of Global Emergency Resources. Stan and his team had been working all night long monitoring the evacuation of many seniors from nursing homes in the path of hurricane Irene.

Global Emergency Resources ( delivers a complete solution for patient tracking and incident management for emergency first responders. Part of their solution is a router built by HauteSpot Networks known as an eWRAP (Emergency Wireless Routing Access Point).

Stan told me "The EMTs set up 6 eWRAPs around the nursing home where power had failed and land line communications were down. They flipped the battery power switch, and immediately they had a working wireless communication network." Stan continued, "The system worked flawlessly and we were able to track the movement of all of the patients using HC Standard. It was exactly the performance under fire we wanted to see."

Needless to say we are very pleased that the eWRAP was able to help GER deliver reliable communication as infrastructure for HC Standard, which in turn contributed to saving lives in the face of the coming flooding and storm damage.

Of course it is the bravery and dedication of the EMTs on scene who really are the ones to be credited, but if the eWRAP helped them better organize their response and data flow, then we are happy to have helped.

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