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Sunday, April 10, 2011

HautSHOT microNVR at NAB Show 2011

Jim Jachetta at VidOvation is a busy guy. He arrived in Las Vegas on Friday so he could meet with HauteSpot, get some training on the new microNVR and set up his booth at the National Association of Broadcasters show.

Jim has been in the broadcast industry for a long time is one of the innovators in the industry. He has worked with Wes Simpson, our Directory of Business Development for many years. Jim is looking to bring more flexible technologies into the broadcast business, and HauteSpot is one of his partners.

Press Release On NAB, VidOvation and HauteSpot

The microNVR is a great product for broadcasters who want to gather content from remote locations. With it's ability to backhaul over pretty much any wireless technology (WiMAX, LTE, UMTS, EvDO, HauteSpot TLP, 802.11a/b/g/n, BGAN or whatever else you have available), its intelligence to determine what links are best to use, its large capacity internal storage, its integrated H.264 acceleration hardware, its small size, and its relatively low power consumption, it is a fully self contained remote edge content gathering platform.

We think broadcasters will want to use this for remote fixed cameras (traffic cameras, view cams, etc), live to air IP applications like web streaming of high school and college events, as a backup to large ENG operations, and who knows what else.

In an innovative application you could take up to 4 USB H.264 1080p web cameras, attach them to the microNVR and then start streaming back using the integrated web server or unicast push over 3/4g wireless. For less than $2000 you could have a complete ENG system in your pocket with 4 1080p 30fps camera heads. Yes, the optics are weak, but other than that, it is HD from a 4"x4"x1" box. Visit Jim at his booth #C7248 to see the microNVR.

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