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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April is Almost Over...Summer of Wireless Surveillance

April is almost over. Trade show season is winding down and we are all focusing back on work. This summer is going to be busy.

After the wonderful response that we saw to our product direction at ISC West, I made a decision to stop working on  MicroPower Technologies and focus full time on HauteSpot Networks. With our new microNVR, the recent orders that we received for the eWRAP emergency router platform, partnerships that we have now formed with military prime contractors, and general expansion of HauteSpot Networks success, there just was no time to work on MicroPower.

We have been working diligently with our partners to get a variety of different VMS software servers and clients running on the microNVR including exacqVision, Network Optix EVE and others. We have also been working on software for migration of video files from the internal disk drives or SSD to USB attached drives or wireless transfers. This is pretty easy to do, we just have to detect the presence of the target (ping it) and then zip up the files and do a batch transfer. This process can be completely automatic and scheduled in the microNVR.

The orders for the microNVR keep coming in and we are working to fulfill them as quickly as possible. Please be patient. Our backlog is about 3 weeks right now. We expect this to improve as we get forecasting and production in alignment.

Some of the applications that we expect to have closed, shipped and installed by the end of May will include:

Transportation - The microNVR is perfect for trains, buses, trucks, and other fleets. By combining an NVR with a full function router and supporting both Gigabit Ethernet, MIMO wireless (up to 80Mbps actual TCP throughput) AND 3/4G cellular, the microNVR locally records up to 8 2MP cameras at 8fps or faster, the microNVR replaces several separate devices with one ultra small unit. We have a fleet of buses at a major city evaluating the system for broad deployment. We have several commuter train systems looking at the system too.

Public Safety - The microNVR is perfect for pole cameras, covert remote surveillance and nomadic emergency applications. One major city police department is in the process of installing and testing several of the microNVRs in small enclosures mounted on poles, combined with PTZ megapixel cameras for narcotics and other investigations. We expect some other applications in the DOJ shortly.

This is a great time to install, since the weather is good and the economy is turning around.

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