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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

HauteSpot Networks Invites you to meet at ISC West

HauteSpot Networks would like to invite you to visit our Hospitality Suite in the Palazzo hotel during the ISC West show. Throughout the show days (April 5th to 8th) HauteSpot will be offering a set schedule of product demonstrations and informational training programs. Space is limited at each presentation to 10 people. We are accepting attendees on a first come, first serve basis. Each session is led by a HauteSpot engineer. If your company would like a private discussion, just book one of the sessions for a group of 10, or send us an email to .

The sessions we have scheduled are:

Introduction to HauteSpot Networks Wireless Site Survey and Design - This brief, but informative overview, teaches effective approaches to designing HauteSpot wireless projects or systems. We will discuss beneficial design tools and what important information to gather in order for a HauteSpot engineer to construct a bill of material specific to your project. Getting the information right the first time will save you time and money, as well as making you look like a star to your customers! Sign up to attend this presentation here:
Introduction to TDMA Wireless IP Video - Learn about the advantages of using Time Division Multiple Access Wireless for IP Video instead of 802.11 or mesh based collision protocols. Are you tired of wireless systems that make your awesome megapixel cameras look terrible. We will review what the actual performance of wireless for megapixel cameras are and give a brief demonstration using protocols which are specifically designed for streaming video. If high definition is your goal, then poor wireless performance should not be a road block to achieving this goal. Sign up to attend this presentation here:
 HauteShot microNVR
Introduction to and Demonstration of HauteSHOT microNVR - Be the first to see the future of video surveillance edge devices. We will demonstrate the capabilities of the HauteSHOT microNVR which combines a full feature wireless router with a full feature network video recorder into one compact, highly capable device. Put your applications at the edge of your network and reduce the costs and complexity of your systems. The microNVR puts application server and network router performance in a 4"x4"x1" micro box that can be placed anywhere. Sign up to attend this presentation here:

Introduction to and Demonstration of HauteSpot MIMO Routers - MIMO technology is now ready for outdoor applications. MIMO takes advantage of reflection and refraction to improve range and throughput. While not a panacea, it does help in many situations. HauteSpot has packaged a reliable, cost effective solution that delivers amazing performance for megapixel streaming video. See a demonstration of HauteSpot MIMO routers and learn how, and when, to use this new technology effectively in video surveillance applications. Sign up to attend this presentation here:

Introduction to and Demonstration of SentinelAVE Augmented Visual Earth - Change the way you look at surveillance video. Don't just watch a flat matrix of images, immerse yourself in a virtual world where you can tell exactly what you are looking at and where your intruder is. We will show you the amazing SentinelAVE system which overlays video cameras, sensor and control data directly onto 3D models creating a completely immersive video management environment for large campus or municipal environments. Think of it as Google Earth with live video embedded into it. A great application for central station video monitoring, campus and facility security, and much more. Sign up to attend this presentation here:

Wireless Project Design Lab - Do you have a really complex video surveillance deployment where you want to use wireless, but just are not sure how to do it? Do you have a project that requires wireless but you don't have any experience in designing wireless networks? Come let the HauteSpot wireless engineers help you design your project. During the lab, all of our engineers who are attending the show will be available to meet with you and review your projects making specific, actionable recommendations on your wireless network design for IP video surveillance.There is not cost for this, just a willingness to partner with HauteSpot to win business. To reserve a time in the Project Design Lab sign up here:

Of course we would also be happy to schedule a face to face private meeting with you to discuss whatever topics you may wish. Just send us an email or call so we can work our a time that is agreeable for both of us.

We look forward to seeing you at ISC West.

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